Brander Outdoor Lantern with Solar Powered Candle Light



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Lanterns can be fairly spooky. Think about it, you don't really get spooked by an older man walking with a limp and covered head to toe in hooded rags if they're holding a disco ball light. But, put a lantern in their hands, and all of a sudden it becomes a fright fest where only Scooby and the gang can handle it from there.

However, with the Brander Outdoor Lantern, there's no need to keep your metaphorical tail between your legs. This solar-powered light automatically turns on during the evening, and turns off during daylight hours. When the dark of night hits, the candle light will glow orange and flicker just like a real candle. 

So, if you're looking to spook some people with a lantern, or if you intend on using it for its specific purpose (as the perfect patio lighting solution), then snag a few for yourself. Get em' while they're hot!

  • Realistic candle light glows orange and flickers just like a real candle
  • Solar powered panels charge the lights within the candle itself (the wires are seamlessly hidden within the lantern's framing)
  • Candle light turns on automatically in the dark, and turns off in daylight
  • Metal framing with glass panels add a little sophistication and panache to your backyard
  • Hang it up or place it flat onto your patio table (or maybe even toss it into your garden setting - now that'll be fancy!)
  • Stands nearly 17" tall
  • To understand just how the lantern works, refer to the Proper Usage tab
  • We offer even more solar powered outdoor lights! Check out the Solar Powered Rock Lights as well as the Wicker Frame Solar Powered Candle Light 

To make sure the Outdoor Lantern Solar Powered Candle Light performs to its maximum potential, we recommend the following:

  • Pushing the power switch to the ON position allows the battery to recharge during daylight hours (and for the candle light to be activated during the evening)
  • Pushing the power switch to the OFF position will completely disable the candle light - meaning, the light will stay off during the evening, and the light will NOT recharge during daylight hours
  • When the power switch is turned to the ON position, the solar powered candle light will turn on and off automatically at dusk and dawn

For first time use, we recommend you fully charge the solar light by leaving it in the full sun for 24 hours (by having the switch remain in the ON position) - this will allow the battery to reach its maximum capacity.

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