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Let's face it, most rocks are boring. They just sit there and hardly move at all - talk about dullsville. But, these rocks... these guys light up at night! See, now we're talkin' your kind of rocky language. You may even be Dwayne Johnson himself (we'll keep dreaming on that one).

Without any effort on your part, these solar-powered rock lights will turn on automatically when it gets dark, and then turn off when the sun comes up again. They'll also blend in perfectly within any natural setting - simply place them in and around your garden, patio, or any dimly-lit pathways. Truthfully, these little guys are pretty impressive - for rocks. 

  • Solar-powered LED lights which automatically turn on/off during the evening/day
  • One set contains 3 rocks which blend into any backyard decor - perfect for the garden or dimly-lit pathways
  • Lightweight design allows for easy placement
  • To get a grasp on exactly how they work, refer to the Proper Usage tab
  • Often paired with additional sets to ensure every nook and cranny is properly lighted - we're talking the front yard, the garden, the backyard, and even the pathways leading to all these places!
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To make sure each rock is being used properly (and is not just being used as a simple rock), we recommend the following:

  • Pushing the power switch to the ON position allows the battery to recharge during daylight hours (and for the light to be activated at night)
  • Pushing the power switch to the OFF position will completely disable the light - meaning, the light will stay off at night, and the light will NOT recharge during daylight hours
  • When the power switch is turned to the ON position, the solar lights will turn on and off automatically at dusk and dawn

For first time use, we recommend you fully charge the solar lights by leaving them in the full sun for 24 hours (by having each switch remain in the ON position) - this will allow the batteries to reach their maximum capacity.

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