Napoleon Bristle Free Super Wave Grill Brush

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Clean your cooking grills without the worry of bristles falling off by using the Super Wave Grill Brush! The Super Wave Grill Brush from Napoleon removes stuck on food and sauce residue from your cooking grids, using wound stainless steel wire.

This effective cleaning tool will help extend the life of your cooking grills long into the future. The long brush provides you space you need  while keeping your hands far enough away from the hot cooking surface as well.

convenient hanging loop allows you to store your brush away nearby once your finished cleaning until the next use. The brush even comes with a built-in  scraper. This is designed for the more stubborn, stuck on foods that are harder to remove when using just a brush. 

Remember, clean grills are happy grills!

  • Built-in grid scraper to remove the more stubborn, stuck on foods
  • Designed not to damage cooking grids
  • Small head for tight, harder to reach areas
  • Bristle free wound stainless steel allows for safe and effective cleaning of the grids. 
  • 21 inch brush provides proper leverage for cleaning and a safe enough distance from the cooking surface
  • 1 Year Warranty

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