Cabana Coast Mesa Fire Table Burner Cover

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So, you've just purchased a brand spankin' new firepit table from us (The Cabana Coast Mesa firepit table to be exact). Now you're sitting at home, thinking to yourself "something is missing here." Well, you're right, something is missing and we know EXACTLY what it is.

I'm going to set the tone a little bit... Its 12 in the afternoon, you're sitting outside around your firepit enjoying the summer. But it's lunchtime and you don't want to accidentally drop your cheese fondue in those glass beads (wow, you're fancy with your fondue). What you need, is this Cabana Coast Mesa fire table burner cover. It sits right in flush over top of the firepit burner, turning this fantastic firepit table into an actual table.

  • Cast Aluminum construction
  • Made specifically to fit Cabana Coast Mesa Fire Tables
  • Stock may vary by location and size
  • Ergonomic handle for easy removal
Each one is designed specifically to fit the firepit you already own, so pay attention when picking which one you want or we might just talk you into buying a second firepit table.

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