Charcoal Companion Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack

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The Hasselback potato, named after the one and only David Hasselhoff, is truly a thing of beauty. These potatoes are thinly and partially sliced before being grilled to ensure a crispier and more flavorful alternative to baked potatoes. 

Lucky for you, we offer the greatest tool available to do all this. Hand-crafted by David Hasselhoff himself, this potato slicing rack will allow you to make the perfect Hasselback potato. Simply place the potato on the miniature cutting board, and use the metal cutting guide to evenly slice the potato.

However, you should keep in mind that we were totally fibbing with the David Hasselhoff facts. Or, were we? That's a mystery we'll never reveal. 

  • The perfect tool for making Hasselback potatoes (also known as acordion potatoes)
  • Miniature wooden cutting board which fits most potatoes
  • Cutting board is equipped with two small nails which allow you to secure the potato
  • Stainless steel cutting guide slides onto the cutting board, allowing for a safe and easy cutting method
  • Follow these simple steps to make the perfect Hasselback potato:
    • Place the potato on the wooden dish (secure using the two nails)
    • Slide the stainless steel cutting guide onto the dish and over the potato
    • Praise the almighty David Hasselhoff
    • Use a large knife to cut the potato (slide the knife right down to the wooden dish, ensuring the slices are still attached)
    • Repeat the potato slicing until potato is fully sliced
    • Cook using your desired recipe
    • Stainless steel cutting guide is dishwasher safe (however, use a mild dish soap for the wood dish)

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