Charcoal Companion Spray & Grill Grilling Spray

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Do you know what will get you out of sticky situations? That’s right, the Charcoal Companion Spray & Grill. If your food is sticking to your skillets, just spray it with the Spray & Grill. If you’re having a rough time cleaning your grills after cooking, use the spray. If your spouse caught your hands in the cookie jar... Yup, spray them too.

The spray is calorie free, cholesterol free, fat free and sodium free. This means that it is entirely safe to be used on any types of stainless or cast iron grills, woks, pans, griddles, or virtually anything you’d cook on. Additionally, it will not cause any nasty flare-ups in your grill. For any and all sticky situations, this product will be sure to get you out safely.

Note: Barbecues Galore does not actually recommend that you spray your spouse with the Spray & Grill unless you enjoy sleeping on the couch.

  • Keeps your food from sticking to your grilling surface
  • Safe to use on stainless steel or cast iron surfaces including cooking grates, skillets, woks, pans, grids, griddles, and racks
  • Enhances cooking experience and makes clean-up much easier (if you actually remember to clean up the mess)
  • Shake before use and spray grilling surface from 8 to 10 inches away (spray when grill is hot)
  • Flare-ups are of no concern when using this product
  • Product contains soy, but is also calorie free, cholesterol free, fat free, and sodium free


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