DCS Stainless Steel Griddle Plate



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DCS Stainless Steel Griddle Plate - Cook eggs, sausages, pancakes, french toast, seafood, nachos and vegetables on your DCS. If you get enough griddle plates, then we imagine you can do all of that at once. It will be the feast of a lifetime!

But, please remember to send us a quick pic of all of those foods being cooked simultaneously. Don't try to Photoshop it - we'll know. And, bonus points if you manage to find a way to make all those foods taste good when smashed together into one giant meal.

  • Made of commercial quality plated stainless steel
  • Level cooking surface promotes a clear path for the grease to run off
  • Even heat distribution provided by the griddle's thick construction
  • A great way to utilize your grill for every meal of the day - even breakfast!

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