Grill Pro Charcoal Tongs

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Charcoal rakes and pokers are fun and great until you need to get down and dirty to lift some of that charcoal.  Gone are the days of getting your hands as dirty as a peasant, now you can prep and rearrange your charcoal grill like the king or queen that you are!

Simply use the tongs to pick up the charcoal from the bag and place in the grill, or simply use to push or rearrange existing charcoal, cold or hot! (We always recommend using a glove when hot though, safety first). Great for beginner's and pro's alike, this tool takes the mess out of charcoal so all you have to worry about is cooking up some of that delicious food! Please feel free to send over any leftovers.


  • Use tongs to transport charcoal from the bag to the grill - No more dirty hands!
  • Move and position charcoal inside the grill, hot or cold - Be sure to use a glove if hot
  • Simply pull the top hatch to keep the tongs closed for easy storage
  • Acts as a charcoal rake with the extended claw
  • Sleek and durable stainless steel finish