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"Le Gourmet". That is French for, "The Gourmet" (just in case you didn't know). With the inclusion of the "Le", it is safe to assume that this charcoal is incredibly more fancy than you are. But, not to worry, you can achieve top-tier fanciness with a large scoop of this charcoal into your grill.

This lump charcoal from Le Gourmet, like a few other charcoals we carry, comes from South America. What does this mean for you? A unique flavour found nowhere else in Canada. Their hardwood lump charcoal blend is primarily Quebracho Blanco (White Axwood), mixed with other hard woods like Itin, and Guayacan.

  • South American hardwoods like Quebracho Blanco – doesn’t that sound exotic
  • Dense wood burns longer and produces less ash

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