Napoleon Pizza Lover's Starter Kit

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It's time you get a pizza party started using the Napoleon Pizza Lover's Starter Kit. This set includes all the essentials you'll need to start grilling up pizzas in your barbecue or charcoal grill. 

The set includes a 12.5" porous pizza stone which is designed to draw moisture away from the dough (this means you'll get a perfectly crisped crust). You'll also get a large stainless steel pizza peel which can be folded for easier storage. A durable pizza wheel is also included (yes, your guests will also want a slice, so please cut them one!). Lastly, the 2-in-1 cheese grater can be used to... grate cheese. Yes, it's that simple. 

So, when is the pizza party and what toppings would you like us to bring? 

  • The perfect kit for whipping up your own personal pizza in the grill
  • Contains all the essentials needed to get your pizza party started
  • Includes a 12.5" porous pizza stone - draws the moisture away from the pizza dough to offer the crispiest of crusts
  • Features a large stainless steel, folding pizza peel - fold it for easier storage
  • Pizza wheel cutter included - we know you can eat the whole thing, but at least cut it into pieces!
  • Also includes a 2-in-1 cheese grater (which can also be used as a slicer)

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