Nature Bandz Bug Repellent Bracelets



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If you're looking to keep those pesky mosquitoes, black flies or other insects from buzzing around your ears without dousing yourself in toxic bug spray, do we ever have a product for you.  Gone are the days of wondering if you ran through a patch of poison ivy, or if some new super bug has injected its super itchy serum into you.

This all-natural, DEET and chemical free band is made using the essential oil - geranoil extract - these bandz deter mosquitoes and insects alike from coming anywhere near you.  Geranoil oil is proven to annoy and deter insects, leaving you bite free and oh so happy.


  • Great to take out while fishing, hiking, camping or any other bug infested outdoor activity
  • Infused with Geranoil to deter insects away from you
  •  DEET free and no added chemical, making sure they're kid and pet safe!
  • Lasts up to 180 hours of usage - recommend putting the band back in the case, or in a small bag to preserve freshness
  • Water and sweat proof, ensuring you continue to stay protected

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