Novelty Grilling Apron - 1st Rule of Barbecuing

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Sometimes your apron needs to be multi-purpose. Sure, you can have an apron which simply guards your precious body from any nasty spills. But that’s not good enough for Attitude Aprons! These guys make sure that your apron achieves the ultimate objective in mind: the attainability of beer.

Everybody knows that a backyard grilling session isn’t the same unless you are two or more beers in. With this apron, you’ll be telling your backyard guests one of two things: (1) barbecues are hot, so seriously, stand back a little; and (2) make yourself useful and fetch more beer! With this apron and some trained guests, you’ll never encounter a shortage of ale.

  • Humour is the main ingredient when it comes to Attitude Aprons
  • Apron reads, “1st Rule of Barbecuing: If you can’t stand the heat, go get me a beer!”
  • Fully adjustable to ensure one size fits all
  • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
  • For other humorous aprons, Contact Us for more details

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