Novelty Grilling Apron - Vegetarians Welcome

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There is always that one person in a family of meat-lovers who ends up dating a vegetarian or vegan. It always becomes a challenge when that person attends your big meat-filled cookouts. You were trying to grill up a meaty storm, but now you’ve got to waltz over to the kitchen and toss a boring salad.

To rattle a couple of cages at your next cookout, we recommend this apron! It’s quite possibly the best way to start a huge debate regarding vegetarian lifestyles. Wear the apron, sit back, and watch the chaos unfold through your backyard.

  • Why so serious? Bring some smiles to your cookout and dish out some humour this season
  • For all meat lovers, the apron reads, “Vegetarians welcome – Feel free to eat my lawn”
  • Fully adjustable apron – one size fits all
  • Not just funny as its also comfortable with its 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend
  • Contact Us if you are interested in other humorous aprons (but this may just be the funniest)

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