Prepara Ice Ball Mould - Set of Four

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These ice balls from Prepara might look like your average ice cubes. But, they are so much cooler than that (pun intended).

What makes the difference between regular ice cubes and these? Well not to state the obvious but, the shape of it, clearly. There is another feature that does help set these ice balls apart. When you Freeze these Ice Balls, they become denser/more compact and therefore melt at a slower rate than an average ice cube. This means you can enjoy (nurse) a nicely cold, and un-watery drink as long as you want.

What kind of things can you add to spice up your cocktails? The options are endless. These ice balls can be filled with decorative type items (mint leaves, flower petals), fruits and juices (lemon/lime slices, berries of any assortment, juice), or even candies and food (gummy bears, sweeteners).

Why should you get these instead of sticking to your average ice cube trays? The real question here is why shouldn't you get them! The Prepara Ice Balls make the perfect gift and an excellent addition to your cocktail party or your relaxing afternoon by the pool. Iced tea, lemonade, Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, doesn't matter the drink, these ice balls from Prepara are sure to kick things up a notch.


  • Set of four 2.7" ice balls
  • Fill with juice, fruit pieces, mint leaves, etc.
  • Silicon caps provide a tight seal - just in case they tip over in the freezer

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