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Double the food, double the fun! This pie iron from Rome industries lets you cook more food at the same time. Great when you've got hungry little munchkins (or hangry friends) asking the only question more annoying than "are we there yet?" ... "Is dinner ready yet?".

Each half of the pie iron has an opening of 4-1/4", perfect sizing for a slice of bread. A 24" handle keeps your hands cool while the food heats up - magic! 

Pie irons are a handy, dandy tool that should be part of your camping supplies checklist. There is an endless list of foods that you can make in a pie iron, by keeping all the ooey gooey stuff inside and not in your fire. 

1. Butter one side of a slice of bread and place it in the bottom half of the iron.

2. Add your sandwich filling - jams, jellies, meats, cheeses whatever your heart desires. Leave some space between the crust and your filling to keep it from oozing out the sides. 

3. Top with another slice of bread, butter the top and then close the pie iron. 

4. Let your masterpiece toast over the fire for about 4-6 minutes or until golden brown.

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