Weber Elevations Rack and Skewer Set

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Weber's new Elevations™ system is truly an invention we've embraced. The Rack and Skewer set is essentially the first stepping stone into the Elevations™ system. With this Rack, you are able to add-on additional attachments which will enhance your overall grilling experience.

This set contains a stainless steel rack which is able to hold all of the Weber Elevations™ add-on's. This particular set contains an 8-piece skewer set which is ideal for shish kabobin' all your meat and veggies. 

The Weber Elevations™ add-on's including the expansion warming rack, vegetable basket, and additional skewer sets are all sold separately.

  • Contains the Weber Elevations™ Rack which is used for all of the system's attachments
  • Designed for Weber grills, but can obviously fit into most barbecues out there on the market!
  • Stainless steel rack which can withstand your grill's intense heat
  • Includes 8 stainless steel skewers which hang off of the rack during grilling (additional skewer sets can be purchased separately)
  • Looking for other Weber Elevations™ attachments? Try the vegetable basket or the extended warming rack!
  • Dimensions of rack: 22.75" W x 10.75" D x 8" H
  • Dimensions of each individual skewer: 13.75" L

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