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A company doesn’t call itself “Wildly Delicious” if it doesn’t live up to its name. This rub brings a perfect blend of stout beer and peppercorn right to your steaks. You get your traditional black peppercorn flavour clashing with an interesting splash of Guinness from the stout beer.

Better yet, it’s even a rub straight from the ridiculously overpopulated Toronto. That’s right; you can maximize just how Canadian your dinner is with a few sprinkles of this fantastic blend.

Remember, if you want to truly maximize your Canadian-ness, then you’ll have to follow all the outrageous stereotypes, eh? Grab your pet beaver, go to your backyard igloo, and watch a quick game of hockey whilst sipping on your maple syrup. Oh, and yes, use this Canadian rub as well!

  • Ideal for all your future juicy steak dinners
  • A delicious blend of stout beer and peppercorn to bring the perfect flavour to your steaks
  • Canadian product from good ol’ Toronto
  • Rub may contain milk, wheat, or nuts
  • One container holds 40g (1.4oz) of rub

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