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Highwood Crossing Organic Oils

Oil being poured over a salad

Want Organic, Non-GMO, Canola and Flax oils? We chatted with Tony Marshall (along with his wife, Penny), the man behind Highwood Crossing. Grown locally just outside of High River, Alberta. Read on, below:


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Barbecues Galore Supports JDRF Ride for Diabetes Research


On Thursday October 10th, some of our wonderful Ontario staff members volunteered their time to participate in the JDRF Ride for Diabetes Research.   The JDRF Ride is a fun, team-building stationary-biking event comprised of teams of five each riding for seven minutes.

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Hero George

This is George. He's our hero this month because he gets up at 05:00 in the morning if it has been snowing, rolls into the office before any of the rest of us, and then
plows the parking lot so that we all have a nice, smooth place to park our cars. He is our cold-weather hero. Read more

Sean versus Shawn

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. This is a tale of two cities, two men and, two types of barbecues. Read more

Worst BBQ Winner 2012

Canada's Worst Barbecue WinnerIn this section of The Hot Line we normally tip our spatula to one of our resident grilling experts, pros or aficionados. We are pleased this month to use this space to announce the winner of this year's
"Canada's Worst Barbecue" contest (the ninth annual don't you know). Please join us in sending a hearty, grilled, congratulations to Darell W of Calgary. Read more

Unappreciative Guests

Barbecue on Fire

My father in-law, is a bitter, jaded cynic. Nothing is ever good enough for him. When he comes over to eat, I can barely manage to get a "thank-you" out of his tight, mealy-mouthed lips, never mind any praise. How can I shake him up a bit?


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