Propane & Natural Gas Fittings

Gas fittings only serve one sole purpose: attaching gas connections (usually from the gas source to some sort of appliance) together safely and securely. Gas fittings are unlike any other fittings because they're threaded in a way that someone cannot connect a gas line to other types of lines (ex. water). Each fittings is specifically made for a purpose, that can be to connect residential natural gas lines, connecting propane tanks to appliances, connecting an appliance to an RV, and more. 

There are a variety of types of gas fittings, our most common ones are: couplers (connectors), nipples, and adapters.

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Best BBQ Gas Line Installation Services by BBQs Galore in Calgary and Greater Toronto Area, Canada

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We've got licensed gas technicians with years, even decades, of experience under their belts. We are ready and eager to help with what you need.

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Best BBQ Delivery Service and Gas Line Installation Services by BBQs Galore in Calgary and Greater Toronto Area, Canada

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Sit back and relax until it's time to get to grillin'. With our Barbecue Butler service, we handle the heavy lifting, literally and figuratively. We can have your new barbecue in your backyard, ready to cook on,so it’s effortless for you.

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