Broil King Barbecues

Broil King Barbecues

We once saw one of the owners of Broil King sit down for dinner, polish off an entire 96er (including gristle) and then ask for more.   They are, truly, committed fans of grilled cuisine.

What We Like About Broil King Barbecues:

They’re Hot.

Whether you’re grilling in the middle of a Toronto summer or a Calgary winter, you always have enough heat to cook anything that’s on your menu.

They’re Canadian.

These machines are built by Canadians to perform optimally through all four Canadian seasons.  That cannot be said of the barbecues on offer at your local supermarket.

They’re Always Improving.

Broil King is a longstanding Canadian company.  Barbecues Galore is a longstanding Canadian company.   Together, we’ve been bringing Broil King barbecues to Canadian backyards for roughly forty years.  In all that time, Broil King has been focused (some would say obsessed) with constantly improving their products.  

Why should I try a Broil King?

A barbecue is a big purchase and you probably don’t want to make this purchase again too soon. Broil Kings last a very, very long time. Like a couple decades kind of long. For their prices, they’re a great value and we recommend checking a few out if you’re looking for an awesome barbecue at less than $1000.  Broil King also offers tons of impressive accessories that we recommend to everyone with any barbecue. The special thing about Broil King and their accessories is that they’ve designed them so you can fit them in your Broil King in so many ways. Like a delicious puzzle or a yummy game of Tetris. One of our favorites is their cast iron Rib Roaster or their standing Chicken Roaster with a pan.

Broil King and Barbecues Galore

You want a great barbecue at a great price and this is where Broil King comes in. They’re up there with our top selling brands and once a customer gets a Broil King, they stick with it (even twenty-five years later). Barbecues Galore has the lowest price out there and our Barbecue Butlers will make your life easier (for Calgary, Burlington, Oakville, and Toronto). Who are Barbecue Butlers? They’re our famous assembly team (no other company test fires, leak tests, and more) and our unmatched delivery guys who answer any questions you have about your new ‘que before leaving. Need hook up and old barbecue recycling? We got that too.