Pellet Grills

Pellet grills, similar to charcoal and Kamado style cookers, have exploded onto the barbecue scene in the past several years. Great for smoking, grilling and even searing, you'll be surprised at the value and abilities of quality pellet grills. 

Whether it's a Broil King, Weber, Yoder, or Traeger, we can look to have you set up with the right grill and pellets in time for some summer time barbecue.

Located throughout the Greater Toronto Area in Burlington, Oakville & Etobicoke, Ontario as well as our two locations in Calgary, Alberta. 

Why choose a pellet grill? Well, they're easier to control (temperature wise) than a traditional charcoal or kamado cooker. They're also great at directing smoke throughout the cookbox to add that delicious flavor. They're also a hometown favorite of some of our tech savvy grillers. These units can hook-up to wifi and make grilling a breeze.

Be careful though, if you're not a tech head, or wifi isn't your thing, you may be better suited to a kamado BBQ or traditional charcoal grill.

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