Hestan Grills and Outdoor Kitchens


Hestan: The Futuristic Grills

Hestan luxury grills and outdoor kitchens available in a variety of sizes and colours at Barbecues Galore

Pioneers in non-stick cookware in the 1970's, Hestan pivoted right into outdoor kitchens, where they used their love of food and unparalleled sense of style to change the game of grilling. Hestan's dream team of chefs and engineers have continued to celebrate the culinary world with their state-of-the-art cooking appliances and barbecues. 

The unique design and performance of Hestan make their outdoor cooking line of freestanding barbecues, built-in grills and outdoor kitchen components more than just eye-catching. Made beautifully in the USA, they also come in 12 different colour options.

At Barbecues Galore we are honoured to be selling these top-of-the-line barbecues at all five of our locations. These fine grills are built from scratch in California with quality parts like their DiamondCut™ heavy-duty 5/16" grates, that are cut and lasered in-house to ensure absolute perfection and even heat distribution. Hestan grills are also backed by its Limited Warranty. We know Hestan will be turning heads for years to come.



Hestan luxury grills and outdoor kitchens available in a variety of sizes and colours at Barbecues Galore

Colour Options

Hestan Professional Grills come in a variety of colours including: Sol Yellow, Citra Orange, Tin Roof Burgundy, Matador Red, Stealth Black, Prince Blue, Lush Purple, Froth White, Steeletto Silver, Bora Bora Blue, Grove Green and Pacific Fog Gray.

Aspire By Hestan also comes in fun, funky and fresh colours like: Sol Yellow, Citra Orange, Reef Pink, Matador Red, Stealth Black, Prince Blue, Orion Navy, Steeletto Silver and Bora Bora Blue.

Hestan outdoor kitchens and grills raise the bar, and the roof, with these funky grill cart colours.

Grill Head Sizes

Hestan’s built-in grill heads come in three large sizes: 30”, 36” and 42" and fit on both Aspire and Professional grill carts

Cart Models 

Hestan carts are custom built to perfectly suit Hestan built-in grill specs, Hestan tower carts deliver a variety of storage and workspace options to dial in your patio. They come in a a variety of sizes: 

30" Grills Compatibility: 

  • Tower Cart with Double Doors - GCD Series 
  • Tower Cart with Door and Double Drawer Combo - GCR Series

 36" Grills Compatibility:

  • Tower Cart with Double Doors 
  • Tower Cart with Door and Double Drawer Combo - GCR Series

42" Grills Compatibility:

  • Tower Cart with Door and Double Drawer Combo - GCR Series

Choose from a variety of storage units for your new Hestan Grill Cart

Other Kitchen Components

Complete your outdoor kitchen with storage compartment and refrigeration. Choose from single and double Full-Extension Drawer options and single or double Soft-Close Storage Doors. Hestan's storage compartment pieces provide necessary lighting from their motion-activated illumination that automatically lights up when opened. The compartments are also complimented by Hestan's commercial-grade Marquise™ Accented Handles

Hestan's outdoor kitchen storage components come in a variety of sizes and coloursHestan's outdoor kitchen storage components come in a variety of colours and sizes

Create your backyard oasis by the hands of grill experts. Hestan is filled with a team on the pursuit for perfection. Their personal obsession and experimental engineers have innovated, tweaked and tinkered until they created the most versatile residential grill available.

Barbecues Galore carries and special orders Hestan's Outdoor Kitchen pieces for any backyard type. Accentuate your built-in grill head with compartment carts, storage components and refrigerators. Compliment your outdoor kitchen island with side and sear burners.   

Lastly, customize your backyard design plans by choosing from their 12 available colours. That’s right, TWELVE! From a traditional stainless steel look to a bolder and more daring “Matador Red".



To put together your dream outdoor oasis give us a call at any of our five showrooms  across Canada. We are located in Burlington, Etobicoke and Oakville Ontario and have two impressively large and full showrooms in North and South Calgary, Alberta. 


Hestan Features We Love:

The Zamak Die Cast Knobs and LED-illuminated control panel offer easy control 

Patented Rotisserie Burner is placed above the burners instead of on the back wall like other brands. Use it as a salamander grill, broiler or culinary finisher.


"Flip To Cook" briquette trays. They allow you to clean while you cook and prevent messy flare-ups. 

Marquise™ accented panels, side cart handle, and commercial end caps to give this grill true character