Patio Furniture & Accessories

“Deck out” your patio by surrounding your grills with patio furniture from Barbecues Galore. Whether it’s a solitary chairs or a whole outdoor living room set, with outdoor heating, we’ve got your backs and your backyards covered. Since 1979, Barbecues Galore has been providing industry-leading brands of patio furniture from our locations in Calgary, Oakville, Burlington, and Etobicoke, Toronto.
  • Patio Furniture

    Set your patio up right with the perfect furniture to keep your backyard experience one for the ages. Our vast selection of patio furniture ensures we've got something just for you.

  • Umbrellas

    Canadian summers are surprisingly hot. Give yourself some much-needed shade with our large, top-of-the-line, fade-resistant umbrellas. You'll be grateful for it!

  • Protective Covers

    Outdoor furniture is convenient - but making sure it’s always ready to use is a must. Keep your outdoor seating clean from dust, leaves, bird poop, and other debris with a fitted cover.


    Find the perfect table to gather around with friends and family. You're sure to find the right table for backyard dining with our vast selection of styles. Check them all out here!


    Need more chairs to seat all your friends and family? Don't worry - we got you covered. Choose from your various styles here.

    Up your arm-around-the-shoulder game, outdoors.


    Seat a party for drinks or shooting the breeze.


    For the solo bookworm or armchair critic.


    Not just for coffee, but beers, books, and all unmentionables.

  • Cantilever Umbrellas

    Have full control over your shade and privacy with a Cantilever umbrella. Control the angle, tilt, and rotation easily.

  • Market UMBRELLAS

    Classic market-style umbrellas are probably no stranger to you, and we’ve got a fine selection of them. Easy to set up, wind open, and enjoy.

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Why Shop Patio Furniture at Barbecues Galore?

  • How to Choose the Best Patio Furniture

    Patio furniture gives you a plethora of options totally catered to your lifestyle. Plainly put, our store’s sales associates know all there is to know on how to match your behaviours and preferences with the right product, made just for you. That’s what we’re here for. There’s a real benefit to just walking up to one of our experts and saying here’s who I am and what I do. We’ve talked with backyard lovers from all walks of life.

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  • How Our Products Stand Up to Canadian Winters

    When winter blows snow, sleet, rain, or golf ball-sized hail from the sky to whatever weather condition comes next – we've got the covers. Weatherproof covers make much more of a difference than you might imagine, withstanding most elements. Choosing only materials we know are durable and protected from rust and corrosion that's so top quality they'll likely outlive you!

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  • Designing a Patio Set to Meet Your Lifestyle

    Are you into outdoor family dinners? Do you love curling up with a book on your patio? Do you wish to drag your entire living room, kicking and screaming, into your backyard? Do you love spending time outside during the day or at night? Do you just love living outdoors in general? The answers to these questions can indicate what direction we take your patio furniture selection. Whether that’s focusing on the required number of seats or ensuring your crew stays warm enough to chat on a starry night.

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  • "My experience at BBQ Galore was fantastic. Eilidh was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful and very pleasant to deal with. I walked in not fully knowing what I wanted and ended up walking away with a fantastic BBQ at a great price. I would highly recommend visiting the Calgary North location. I can't wait to start using the new BBQ."

    - Jules G.

  • "Barbecues Galore is an amazing establishment, they always have everything related to BBQ in stock, their prices are excellent and they beat the competition - which at this point are big box stores. I hope they keep serving our needs and can continue to find ways to stay afloat!"

    - Nishant A.

  • "I had some questions about the smoker that I purchased from the North store. I spoke to Josh who I am told is a competition smoker. Josh was super helpful, and he answered all of my questions. He is definitely a wealth of knowledge on everything smoking or grilling related!"

    - Ryan M.

  • "Always great service and help here especially with parts. Jeremy helped me out tons with sourcing parts for a 2001 Weber Genesis that I was refurbishing. Ended up coming back here a few more times as I refurbished a 2 more Weber Genesis grills after that. Super helpful and knowledgeable every time. Thanks!"

    - Joseph Y.

  • "Lilly is the best! Super knowledgeable about all the grills. She made the shopping experience a breeze. I am very excited for my new Broil King to arrive!"

    - Leanne E.

  • "They have pretty much every single part you could need for your BBQ"

    - Nathan R.

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  • Creating Your Outdoor Room

    New to an outdoor living space? Having a backyard is easy, but making it as functional as possible requires more thinking. We've summarized everything you should think about here.

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  • What Are The Grades of Outdoor Fabrics?

    Patio furniture fabric is graded and judge on various characteristics: material, wrinkle resistance, how quick it dries, fade resistance and more. Learn about the different grades and which one you gravitate to the most.

    Teach Me 
  • Protect your Investments

    Furniture covers are key to weatherproofing your outdoor living space, so you never know the unspeakable discomfort of wet outdoor cushions. With durable material and dimensions that fit patio furniture perfectly, your investment will last longer and also be ready to sit on right after a rainfall.

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