Gotta Have It

Gotta Have It - Cast Aluminum Fireboxes

There are a lot of factors that make a barbecue great. One of those factors is its ability to retain heat. the major player in the heat retention capabilities of the barbecue is the firebox. Frankly, it only makes sense since this is where the source of your heat is. A barbecue's firebox is where the magic happens. A well designed firebox will be constructed to turn the radiant heat from the burners and grills into convective heat creating an oven inside the barbecue. Yay, science!    The Best Firebox Construction  Over the past 38 (!) years of selling barbecues in Canada, we have become convinced that the best material for a barbecue’s cooking chamber is cast aluminum.  Won’t rust,...

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Gift Guide | Pre-wrapped Accessories

Gift Guide | Pre-Wrapped Gifts

We know the hustle and bustle of the holidays can leave you strapped for time. To make your holiday shopping a little easier, we've pre-wrapped 6 of our top accessories, making them perfect for last minute gifting. 

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Thermoworks Thermometers Now Available!

We've been carrying the Thermoworks Classic Super-Fast® Thermapen® for a while now, but we recently exploded our Thermapen and Thermoworks product offerings. We now carry several Thermoworks pocket thermometers in addition to the ThermoPop, Thermapen and Thermapen MK4.

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Gift Guide | Expand Their Grill Abilities with a Grill Topper!

Use woks, grill baskets, roast holders, rib racks and more to expand your favourite griller's abilities as grillmaster numero uno. Shop the gift guide now!

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Gift Guide | 2016 Holiday Gift Baskets

These pre-made barbecue themed gift baskets are the perfect gift for grillers of all levels. Easy to pick up from our store in a flash, and sure to be a hit with the barbecue lover on your list!

2016 Barbecue Themed Gift Baskets

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