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Recipe of the Month: Smoked Beef Wellington

smoked beef wellington recipe, from barbecues galore, recipes of the month

Learn how to cook your own gourmet restaurant quality smoked beef wellington with this recipe of the month. 

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5 Tips for Grilled Fish

5 tips to grill your fish, barbecue fish recipe, barbecues galore

A lot of people tend to avoid cooking fish on their barbecue because they simply don't know how to or it doesn't go so well whenever they try. That's why we came up with 5 tips to help you grill your fish to perfection.

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Tri-Tip Steaks Done 3 Ways: Barbecue Style, Coffee Rub, and Molasses and Chili

tri tip steak recipe, barbecues galore

Good things come in threes and the tri-tip steak cut is proof of it. That's why this recipe of the month features 3 tri-tip steak recipes: Classic Barbecue Style, Coffee Rub, and Molasses and Chili.

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How to Make Cowboy Compound Butter

Cowboy compound butter, barbecues galore

If you like barbecue, you might also love butter. We know how to make butter taste even BETTER than it already does. In this recipe, we take regular butter to another level. 

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Smoked Doritos Mac & Cheese | March Recipe of the Month

smoked mac and cheese recipe barbecues galore blog

 Mac and cheese is a classic dish that we all love. So, here's an innovative Smoked Doritos Mac and Cheese that'll get your taste buds jumping for joy.

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