Food For Thought

Meat is increasingly expensive. Together with our favourite butchers, Greg & Damian we put together some helpful tips on how to save money on meat. 

November 11, 2017

Saving Money at the Butcher

Not All Ribs Are Created Equal

Today we're breaking down the different types of ribs and the cooking methods that they best lend themselves to. Sit back, grab a napkin and get ready to go to school - the school of ribs that is.

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Maple Syrup

Spigot in a Maple Tree

We are talking about Maple Syrup. The sweet, Canadian delicacy. Maple Syrup is a great addition to pancakes, desserts, brine's, and of course, barbecue!

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Halloumi - Not Your Average Grilled Cheese

Halloumi is used across the globe now thanks to its incredible "cookability". With a really high melting point, halloumi lends itself well to grilling and pan frying. Also great for adding to vegetable kabobs for a boost of protein.Halloumi Read more

Best Foods For Winter Grilling

Winter Grilling on the Broil King Keg 4000Grilling is not simply a summer activity, not for folks like us! When winter hits, we persist with our barbecuing ways, with a few small changes in the foods we cook. Read more

How To Grill Flank Steak

How to Grill Flank SteakFlank Steal and vegetables
That’s right, flank steak.  If you haven’t tried this on your barbecue yet – get thee to a butcher.  It not only has a deeper, richer taste than other cuts but it will save you money.  The catch?  It takes a little extra time to prepare. 

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Hops, Drop & Roll

Let’s just take a moment to show our appreciation for hops, shall we? Really, they’re life changing. After all, those green little buggers add so much delicious flavour to one of the most important things in the whole world: beer

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Food For Thought | Fall Eats & Treats

Fall food has so much to offer, with holidays rapidly approaching and plenty of traditional meals coming your way. Check out some of our great new discoveries and products that will help you enjoy what eats this season provides! Read more