Napoleon Barbecues

Upgrade your grilling game with a Napoleon barbecue. We offer Napoleon gas barbecues in sizes that can fit every need. Whether you’re camping just outside of Calgary and need something portable, wanting to grill on the balcony of your high-rise condo in downtown Toronto or looking for a big 8-burner grill to fill up space on your patio at home in Oakville, we’ve got the grill and the accessories to suit you. Napoleon also offers some of the best customer service around – and we like that too.

Why choose a Napoleon barbecue?

As we previously mentioned, Napoleon offers a large variety of models, from the more compact Rogue Series, to the Prestige Series, to the even more impressive Prestige Pro Series… whether you’re cooking for one person or twenty-one people, you can do it on a Napoleon grill. They also offer a selection of grills (stainless or cast-iron), and great accessories like rotisseries, grilling baskets, pizza stones, and more. Not only that, many models are made in Canada!

Napoleon and Barbecues Galore

Barbecues Galore offers customer service unlike any other barbecue store (trust us, we want you to enjoy barbecue shopping as much as we enjoy barbecuing!). With highly experienced and trained staff when it comes to all Napoleon products, as well as the ability to assemble, deliver, and hook up your barbecue (for Calgary, Burlington, Oakville, and Toronto), you’ll enjoy the entire experience with Barbecues Galore.