How to Properly Care for Your Napoleon Phantom


You saw the matte black finish on the Phantom lineup by Napoleon and fell in love with it too, didn't you? So, what's the best way to show your love to someone - or in this case, something? Well, you learn how to properly care for it. Also equally important: knowing what NOT to do when trying to care for it. 

Phantom Lineup by Napoleon from Barbecues Galore


Check out this list that explains the "dos" and "don'ts" of how to care for your Phantom: 




Don’t use:

• Abrasive applicators: scouring pads and cloths with coarse fibers
• Dry applicators: paper towels
• Melamine foam sponges on castings or rough powder coated surfaces
• Wire brushes on anything but the cooking grids (when cleaning the
grids, take care to avoid brushing the top of the control panel and do not
set wire brushes down on side shelves)
• Stainless steel cleaners
• Bleach or bleach-based cleaners
• Oven cleaners, particularly ones with abrasives
• (Water-displacing) Degreasers as they leave an oily residue
• Polishers or wax
• Acidic solutions like vinegar or lemon juice
Note: Cleaning or white vinegar may be used (on the porcelain lid
surface only). Always rinse promptly with preferably purified or
distilled water and dry completely.

Fine to use:

• Grill cover
• Cellulose or natural sponges
• Melamine foam sponges (on smooth surfaces only)
• Microfiber cloths
• Chamois
• Mild dish soap and water dilutions
• All-purpose cleaners
• Glass cleaner


• Make sure the grill is completely cool before cleaning
• Make sure that the pad or cloth used is clean and free from debris
• Rinse promptly with water after you’re done with the cleaning agents, leaving them to sit will result in residue and streaks
• Dry completely after rinsing


• Get a fresh cloth if the one you’re using gets soiled at any point during cleaning
• Recommend using purified water (distilled or deionized) to minimize
water spots (alternatively, do a final pass with a gentle absorbent cloth
like a chamois or microfiber)


Now that you know exactly how to keep your Black Beauty nice and clean, what are you waiting for? Get cookin'! 

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