Fireplace Installation

Our Trusted Team of Fireplace Installers Will Create a Warmer, Cozier Home For You

Although we're commonly known for our expertise in all things barbecue, we're also proud fireplace experts too. Here’s a fun, important fact: we DO NOT subcontract our gas fitting/gas line services and fireplace installations. This way, going through us saves you money and everything is coordinated under one roof - leaving you without any future communication headaches between separate companies.

Our team is thoroughly trained, abundantly experienced, and legally licensed to install your dream fireplace to build your dream home.

So whether you’re installing a fresh fireplace from scratch or are hoping to convert an existing wood-burning unit into a natural gas fireplace, we've got the products and the expertise to make your wishes for warmth come true.

Single-Day Install For Natural Gas Insert Fireplaces

If your old wood-burning fireplace just isn't performing like it used to - or you're tired of using wood that produces ash that will be a pain to clean out later - it might be time to get a natural gas insert fireplace installed. If you come to us, in just one day on-site, you'll have your old wood-burner replaced with a modern and efficient gas fireplace.

Find your local Barbecues Galores to request a professional fireplace installation today, or find a fireplace you like on our website and you can inquire from there.