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Beer Can Chicken Cooking Method

This simple cooking method uses evaporation from a beverage can to provide the tastiest, juiciest chicken you’ve ever cooked on your barbecue. Seriously.

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It's Not Paint - It's Carbon!

Barbecue FAQs - Why is the paint flaking in my lid? | Barbecues Galore Every Spring we get a boatload of phone calls from people worried about the 'paint flaking off the inside of their barbecue lid'. It's not paint. It's a crusty build up of grease, smoke and soot that you can clean off using a grill cleaner, a scrubber and some good old fashioned elbow grease.

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Winter Grilling Tips

  1. Re-position Your Barbecue You wouldn't leave your child exposed to the elements would you? So why would you treat your baby (did we say baby, we mean barbecue) that way? When possible, make sure that your barbecue is shielded from the wind. However, you should always keep the barbecue 10 ft away from your house or any flammable structure or overhang - and never barbecue in your garage or enclosed space.    2. Choose Your Grill Wisely Winter grilling works best on two types of barbecues. The first is a gas grill that has a cook box made of double-walled steel or cast aluminum. The other is a ceramic charcoal barbecue. These types of barbecues are superstars at holding...

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Kamado Style Barbecues - Not Just For Grilling!

‘Kamado’ is Japanese for ‘stove’ or ‘cooking range’, but it's become widely used as a term for this style of BBQ. It can be used to bake, smoke, roast or grill.

Kamado Style Barbecues

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Salt Your Steaks Before Grilling Them

Ok, here's the tip: let your steaks sit in loads of salt prior to grilling, rinse them off and then grill them. I know, this sounds like It's right out of the Hunter S. Thompson recipe book but trust me on this.Barbecue Tipster| salt your steaks before grilling them

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How To Measure Your Barbecue For A Cover That Fits

In an effort to save you some time and gas, we put together this quick How To post about how to measure your barbecue for a cover. While most manufacturers make tailor-made covers for their barbecue models, sometimes they aren't available for older grills or they're more expensive than one wishes to pay.  

Here's how to size up your barbecue for a proper fitting cover. 

Measuring Your Barbecue For A Cover

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What Kind of Charcoal To Use

Our customers seem to be split on whether they prefer lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes.  While hardwood is considered more ‘pure’, the briquettes offer a more  predictable, consistent heat output. 

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