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How to Light Your Charcoal Barbecue with electric charcoal starter

Lighting charcoal is one of those things where everyone thinks their way is best. The truth is there is no 'best' way. It is more of a preference sorta thing.

July 24, 2018

How To Light Your Charcoal Barbecue

A BBQ Upgrade Might Mean A Gas Line Upgrade

With the new, more powerful barbecues coming out, some gas lines are no longer adequate. Your gas line may need an upgrade.

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FAQ Stainless Steel versus Cast Iron

When people are buying a new barbecue one question we hear a LOT is: "What's better, stainless steel or cast iron cooking grills?" Good question. The answer is: "that depends on you." We'll explain...



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Caring for Your Cast Iron Grills, Griddles & Pans

Cast iron can be a bit of a love-hate relationship. Just like any grillationship, a little love and attention can go a long way to ensuring the flames don't fizzle out.

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Will A New Barbecue Fit In My Car?

Getting a new barbecue is a time of great joy in a person’s life. These tips will ensure you get your BBQ home safe and fast. You'll be grilling in no time.

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Beer Can Chicken Cooking Method

This simple cooking method uses evaporation from a beverage can to provide the tastiest, juiciest chicken you’ve ever cooked on your barbecue. Seriously.

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It's Not Paint - It's Carbon!

Barbecue FAQs - Why is the paint flaking in my lid? | Barbecues Galore Every Spring we get a boatload of phone calls from people worried about the 'paint flaking off the inside of their barbecue lid'. It's not paint. It's a crusty build up of grease, smoke and soot that you can clean off using a grill cleaner, a scrubber and some good old fashioned elbow grease. Read more

Winter Grilling Tips

Broil King Regal S590 PRO in the winter as christmas present with bowDon't let the cold temperatures and heaps of snow stop you from being your best grilling self! With the right tools and techniques, you can be a grill master in any season. Read more