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How To Light Your Charcoal Barbecue

How to Light Your Charcoal Barbecue with electric charcoal starter

Lighting charcoal is one of those things where everyone thinks their way is best. The truth is there is no 'best' way. It is more of a preference sorta thing.

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Gas Hose Extensions

The hose that came with the barbecue is too short to reach where I want the barbecue to sit. Can I extend the hose?


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Cast Iron Versus Stainless Steel Maintenance


So you've chosen your cast iron or stainless steel accessories and now you need to know how to season and clean them. Well you came to the right place.

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Traeger Pellets Explained

Barbecues Galore staff using the Broil King pellet smoker grill - Regal Pelelt 500

We at Barbecues Galore are asking and answering the hard questions to get you the best pellets for your pellet grills. 

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Barbecues Galore’s Long Weekend Essentials

Canada’s most prized, fleeting and controversial time of the year has arrived – Summer! So throw an outdoor party!

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