Master Your Grill

To Bristle or Not to Bristle: What Brush Should You Choose?

the hat trick palmyra bristle brush

To Bristle, or Not to Bristle: What brush should you choose for your grill?

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How To Fix Your Propane Tank in 6 Easy Steps

How to Fix a Tripped Propane Tank

Follow our 6 easy steps to burp a propane tank with a tripped regulator and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars

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Is Your Gas Line Ready For Your New Grill?

Is your gas line ready for your new grill?

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Is the Infrared Side Burner Worth it? Yes, and here's why.

how to sear steak, barbecues galore

Time to test out that infrared side burner on your new shiny barbecue. Let's see what it can do.

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Charcoal Barbecuing vs Pellet Grilling - Which is Right for You?

charcoal vs pellet grill, barbecues galore

Are you a charcoal babecuer or pellet griller? Check out these differences between practicality and final flavours that'll help you decide which you're suited for.

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