Fireplace Service & Repair

PSA: A Fireplace Service Call is Recommended Annually Before the First Fire of the Season

Did you know we're EQUALLY as knowledgeable and experienced in all things fireplace, as much as barbecue? We've got experienced experts when it comes to fireplace and we never take shortcuts.

Fireplace Installation in Etobicoke

Canadian owned and operated since 1979, we’re proud to provide expert service and repair for any make or model, whether you bought it from Barbecues Galore, or not.

Whether you have a gas insert (when a wood burner is converted into a gas fireplace), direct vent (built into the wall directly), or a gas stove, our professional service technicians are here to make sure your product is operating at its peak safety and efficiency.

Not sure if your fireplace needs a fix? Take a look at our article, Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs Servicing to learn when it’s time to call in the professionals.

Certified and Licensed Gas Installers

All of our fireplace technicians are certified and licensed gas installers.

This means you’re getting professional service done correctly. Whether you bought your fireplace from us (yay!) or from someone else (boo!) and need a hand with getting it to properly work, we’re here to help.

While our certified technicians are pretty much mind-readers and the best in the business, they're still human and they need to be prepared before doing their job. The more information you provide for us before you book, the better we can prepare for your appointment. You can provide all the information on your fireplace by filling out the form below, or calling our store and booking over the phone.Fireplace Installs and Servicing in Calgary 

We also want to take a short second to let you know how much we LOVE pets. If you're home has a dog or cat, please don't lock them away if they're friendly. Just like our five stores, our fireplace technicians are pet friendly too.


Our Fireplace Repair Services

NOTE: Our service areas include Calgary and the Greater Toronto Area.

Our list of available services includes:

To inquire about your fireplace service or repair needs, give us a call or visit us at the store closest to you!