Community Involvement


Since 1979 we have received meaningful support from the communities we operate in.  We feel a responsibility to reciprocate that support as much as we can.  Canada has been good to us - and we want to be good right back.  Naturally, we regularly receive requests from individual charities and cannot contribute to them all.  The organizations below are the ones we’ve partnered with for decades in an effort to have as great an impact as possible:    


The Juvenile Diabetes Research Fun is a Nationwide Charity near to our hearts. 

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF)

This nationwide charity is near to our hearts.   We admire their tight focus on discovering a cure for Type One diabetes (they’re getting close folks!). 


The Alberta Cancer Foundation touches countless families every year and we are proud to be able to contribute to their efforts.

Alberta Cancer Foundation

Cancer sucks. While the suckiness of it seems to touch almost every family eventually, what’s also true is that not every family has the resources to deal with their cancer treatments in the same way as others. Our contributions to the Alberta Cancer Foundation have been focused on providing lifestyle assistance to folks that need it while they deal with their treatments. Maybe an out of towner needs a place to stay for a few nights. Maybe someone needs some help with meals for a few weeks (we recommend the healing power of grilled food of course. . . ).


 The Hospice Centre of Calgary is a charity we at Barbecues Galore are proud to support.

Hospice Calgary 

Like all of our charitable arrangements, our professional relationship with Hospice Calgary started with a personal one.  We’re proud to support these people who exhibit such grace and compassion while helping our community with end-of-life experiences.


Calgary Firefighter Burn Treatment is a community charity we strongly support.

Calgary Firefighter’s Burn Treatment Society

For roughly four decades now, we have proudly assisted in fundraising for the CFBTS.  They work incredibly hard to improve the lives of burn survivors and individuals affected by other severe skin injuries.  Oh yeah, they also have a calendar...