Berlin Gardens Outdoor Furniture

What, just because our name is Barbecues Galore doesn't mean we ONLY sell barbecues. We also have a massive collection of patio furniture, umbrellas & cantilevers, gas and electric fireplaces, accessories and parts

The latest and greatest addition to the Barbecues Galore patio lineup hails from Berlin, Ohio, and they go by the name of Berlin Gardens. Sorry, there's no historical Germany reference here. However, this furniture is made in Amish country Berlin, and they pair advanced machinery with time tested skills handed down throughout the generations to create some of the most stunning, durable and comfortable outdoor furniture we offer.

Their premium poly lumber (otherwise known as polyethylene or HDPE) offers the smoothest feel, is BPA free, requires virtually no maintenance, and offers fantastic durability. It can also carry up to a 20 year residential warranty, which I mean, come on, you'll be moving this patio set up to your retirement home with you. Not only that, but 95% of their furniture consists of recycled content, so you can feel good about your purchase as well.

They offer just about anything you could think to put in your outdoor living space, from traditional patio sets and sectionals, to pub dining and Adirondack chairs, not to mention their out of this world chez loungers, swings, umbrellas and picnic tables.

Another reason to shop Berlin Gardens is their fantastic turn around time, they pride themselves on having industry leading lead times, so that you can spend more time getting comfy catching rays and less time sitting on your couch eating Lays. (Nothing against Lays, but I'm sure you'd rather be eating them on your new patio set!)

These fantastic turn around times are great, because as of right now we don't stock Berlin Gardens patio sets on hand, but tag order them to be brought in on your request (A.K.A Special Order). So stop by or call any of our 5 locations across Canada and let us know what we can bring in for you! We have two locations in Calgary (North & South) Alberta, and three locations across the Greater Toronto Area: Burlington, Oakville & Etobicoke, Ontario.

Berlin Gardens 2021 Catalog