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Welcome to the barbecue pool of knowledge!

Chances are you ended up here after a full day of shedding tears, panic and a bottle of rage, because you tried to start up the grill for the first time this year to no avail. If instead you just happened to stumble down the Google-sphere and end up here, we are glad to have you and to be able to tell you that you're now in the presence of the best gas barbecue selection and the best barbecue service in Canada. All of this comes from us: Barbecues Galore. 

Many may not yet be aware that at Barbecues Galore we are more than just pretty faces and enviable bodies - The barbecues we are talking about here. Our staff and our stores, although also quite easy on the eyes, are full of barbecue knowledge. When we decided that we’d be all about barbecues, our impressive staff became experts on all of the barbecues, parts, and accessories we stock. Over the years, we became aficionados in all facets of barbecue supply and barbecue maintenance, so that when our customers come to us with a question – no matter how big, we’d know the answer. 

Ask us anything from barbecue care to gas fittings to replacement parts to unique grilled food recipes. It's not enough to brag, we know this. Stop by our stores in Calgary, Toronto, Burlington and Oakville to pick our brains on all things barbecue, or contact us to schedule a service call from our licensed and experienced gas fitters.

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