Items are selling quickly and we suggest getting your backyard ready for summer sooner than ever! With the ongoing pandemic, we are experiencing a scarcity of supply from manufacturers, as well as a larger than usual volume of orders in-store and online. Availability for barbecues, patio furniture, fire pits and other products is subject to change without notice. Thank you for supporting local and Canadian.

Why Choose Charcoal Grills?


Get that classic charcoal taste.

You like your meat smoky, flame-broiled and just the right amount of juicy? Choose charcoal for your grill and you'll never look back.


They’re a little less expensive. 

If you’re looking for something a little smaller and simpler, basic charcoal barbecues can run you less than $100.

Not a bad bargain for all the backyard cooking you’ll get out of it!


They’re space-efficient. 

Charcoal grills are traditionally smaller than gas barbecues, so if space is an issue, their small size should be a big benefit.

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