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November 23, 2021

Wall Hanging vs. Built-In Electric Fireplaces

Design Inspo Blog: Wall Hanging vs. Built-in Fireplaces by Barbecues Galore

If you're considering an Electric Fireplace this winter, you'll likely come across two key installation types: Wall hanging (also known as wall mounted), or Built-In (also known as recessed). In this blog, we'll go over the pros and cons of each type.

What Is Valor HeatShift System?

Design Inspo Blog: What is the Valor HeatShift System by Barbecues Galore

There's plenty of reasons we're huge fans of Valor. They're the original radiant gas fireplace, gurus of innovation and style, their quality is unmatched and they're a Canadian company. Valor has long made outstanding zero-clearance fireplaces, and their HeatShift system sets them above the class. - Like we said, there's a reason we love to install Valor Gas Fireplaces.

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How To Clean Your Fireplace in 6 Steps

Design Inspo Blog: How to Clean your Fireplace in 6 Steps

Fireplace glass looking a little foggy, or musty? Noticing a lot of dust and debris build up in the control panel, or behind the logs (or glass)? We often get questions of how to clean gas fireplaces and some wood stoves come fall and winter time - So we thought we'd give you some pointers!

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How Big Should Your Gas Fireplace Be?

Design Inspo Blog: How Big Should Your Fireplace Be?

Well folks, here we are again. Summer has come and gone and winter is upon us. It's officially gas fireplace season and you're wondering what type or size of fireplace you should install into your home. Some are too big, others are too small. Read here to find out what size is just right for you!

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When's the Best Time for a Fireplace Installation?

Design Inspo Blog: When's the Best Time for a Fireplace Installation? by Barbecues Galore

When's the Best Time for a Fireplace Installation? When it's not too hot, not too cold, and juuuuusttt right - which is right now! Although it takes just one day for our experts to complete a full fireplace replacement or installation, it'll be a reeaalllyy chilly day for your home if you procrastinate into the colder months.

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How to Extend Your Patio Season: Gas Fire Features

Design Inspo: How to Extend Your Patio Season

Although summers ending, there's still hope for that relaxing ambient night we're all craving. And the answer is gas fire features. Extend your patio season so you can continue to enjoy that beautiful fall weather the way it was meant to be done!

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