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Electric Fireplaces PROs & CONs

You're in the market for a new fireplace, you've looked at gas and electric and you're on the fence as to what route you want to go. Read more

Valor Fireplaces Upgraded The H3!

If you know anything about Valor you know that they are more than just good-looking. They are at the top when it comes to energy-efficient fireplaces, thanks to their both their convective heat installation - cleverly named HeatShift™ - and radiant-heat units. If you know nothing about fireplaces, then Valor is where to start.  Recently, Valor Fireplaces introduced the upgraded H3 unit! The... Read more

Fireplace Facts: Eco-Friendly Comfort

A fireplace is a big purchase for your home, but one that will bring the heat! Rest assured this fireplace may just outlive you. Plus, it probably won't be a bad negotiation chip to play when it comes time to decide which house to spend Thanksgiving at. Can anyone say winner and PJ's? When it comes to fireplaces, we at... Read more