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4 Seasons of Valor: Pilot Lights on Fireplaces

Four seasons of a efficient gas fireplaces from Valor 


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What is Heat Shift and Why Is It Used In Valor Fireplaces?

 We are burning up just thinking about how hot our fireplace showrooms across Canada look. The curated selection of the best fireplaces out there are all on display for your viewing pleasure. 

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Fireplace Facts: Ceramic vs. Tempered Glass

What's the difference between tempered and ceramic glass and why does it make a difference to my fireplace? Safety precautions, tips on how to make the most of your fireplace and heating your living spaces. Read more

Choosing The Right Fireplace To Light Up Your Life

Style or Heat? Linear or Traditional? We answer a few of your fireplace design questions here.

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Simple Lighting Hacks To Illuminate Your Backyard

Not only does the perfect lighting feature create succulent ambiance, but a well-lit patio also prevents accidents.

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