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What Is The Best Grade of Fabric For Patio Furniture?

Outdoor Upholstry Fabric for Patio FurnitureHigh quality patio furniture fabrics are graded. Counter to typical grading conventions, ‘A’ is the lowest grade – not the highest. Read more

When Should I Buy Patio Furniture?

Mallin Eclipse Sun Linen Slate with Aqua Cantilever Umbrella and Outdoor Greatroom Uptown fire table

In short: now. 

We've just received all of our new patio furniture for this season and it is gorgeous. We've got some very unique styles and arrangements. The only trouble? Once it's gone - it's gone. So, if you're looking for furniture for this spring and summer - hustle in now.

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Converting Your Wood Burning Fireplace To Gas

Converting Your Wood Burning Fireplace To Gas

We have been installing and servicing fireplaces since the 1930’s.  For most of that time we have specialized in converting seldom-used wood burning fireplaces into highly efficient, radiant heaters.  Most often, we install product made by Valor which is a family-owned, Canadian company that produces the best gas fireplaces available today.

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Fireplace Tip | Do A Burn Off of Your Gas Fireplace Before Your First Use

Valor - Radiant Gas Fireplaces

Once you’ve had a Valor installed by the experts at Barbecues Galore, there are a few steps you need to take before you can cuddle up in front of it. 

Most important is to burn off some of that ‘new fireplace’ smell (similar to ‘new-car’ smell but with fewer hints of leather and engine oil  - more industrial with a note of open flame).

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Fireplace Venting 101: B Vent vs Direct Vent

Buying a new gas fireplace is a lot like rediscovering a long, lost flame. They’re easy to turn on, add tremendous warmth, and look absolutely fantastic anywhere in your house. Sounds sexy, doesn’t it?

Not as attractive as your fireplace’s looks, however, is the fact that it needs to be able to breathe – something we sometimes take for granted. Venting is an important consideration that can affect the location and efficiency of your new fireplace.

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Installing TVs Above Fireplaces

We often get asked about installing TVs above fireplaces and what is required to do so safely. It is a common misconception that the clearance to combustibles is the same rule of thumb for televisions. This is not the case. Trust us, your TV will thank you.

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