Weber Gas Grills

Reinventing the Backyard Experience.

Weber's Genesis collection couldn't make that statement more true. The innovative WEBER CONNECT integrated right into their SMART GRILLS gives you 150+ recipes curated by decades of experiences right to your phone. Not only that, their CRAFTED collection of accessories gives you the versatility you need. Get ready for dual-sided searing, roasting, rotisserie-ing, skewering, steaming, baking, and even stir-frying. Essentially, get ready for your life-changing grilling experience.

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Video: NEW 2024 Weber Lineup

  • NEW 2024 Weber Grills Lineup

    After redesigning their best grills and accessories, everything we loved about these Weber BBQs has only gotten better.

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  • Herbed Lamb Racks Recipe

    Herbed Lamb Racks Recipe

    Come along this tasty road to where this juicy lamb recipe meets your backyard and turns it into a culinary oasis.

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    Interested in charcoal grilling? Here are six different ways to organize your wood fuel for different results.

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