Outdoor Heating

Outdoor heating, from fireplaces to patio heaters, is all about keeping you enjoying your backyard for as long as possible. Whether that’s referring to later hours in the night or more days later in the year, we’re all about extending your outdoor time.

Wood Burning

  • Fire Tables

    Versatile, stylish, and ultimately warm. Whether you need a natural gas or propane burner, or perhaps your deck is on the smaller side, we’ve got a fire table for you.

  • Patio Heaters

    Get dedicated heating that looks ornamental. In multiple styles, from classic mushroom heaters to entertaining spiral flames, our outdoor heaters will enhance the visual appeal of your patio.

  • Fire Bowls

    Choose from stunning styles, top-notch materials, and various dimensions. Fire bowls are underrated compared to their more popular, wood-burning sister.

  • Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

    Warm up on electricity alone. Electric fireplaces are incredibly effective as space heaters, with decent efficiency and no-hassle, flameless warmth.

  • Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

    Classy, mesmerizing, and integrated outdoor fireplaces kick out a ton of heat with minimal hassle or cleanup. Bask in heat from your home’s natural gas lines.


    Backyard heaters fueled by propane can be semi-portable. Move them around wherever. Whether from your patio or near the end of your yard for working outdoors on a little late-night hobby.


    With no natural gas lines, we highly recommend using a propane patio heater. These give you the convenience of semi-portability and an easily refilled fuel source.


    Natural gas is an excellent option for those that want endless fuel and the ability to enjoy your fire table all night without worrying about an empty tank. Our Barbecue Butlers can safely install natural gas lines to reach almost anywhere in your yard, allowing you to turn practically any corner into a warm and relaxing oasis.


    Enjoy powerful heating with the flick of a switch. Natural gas heaters offer endless heat with a generous radius, so your guests can stay warm from one source.

  • How to Choose the Best Outdoor Heat Source

    Fire tables feel just as good as they look when you feel a nip in the air. Choose the type of fuel source, dimensions, style, and accessories that suit your needs. Outdoor heating can include fire tables, fire pits, outdoor standing heaters, and outdoor fireplaces.

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  • How Outdoor Heaters Extend Your Patio Time

    Outdoor heaters are the answer to cold snaps, chilly breezes, and earlier sunsets after August. Throwing on a sweater can only take you so far before you start wishing for a better solution. Dryer weather means temperature depends on direct sunlight, and Great Lakes humidity means chilly air cuts through to the bone. But outdoor heaters keep an isolated perch just right for you, so you can keep reading that book, chatting outdoors, or otherwise whiling the night away. The key is choosing a spot that’ll be your oasis of warmth in a desert of cold and deciding on an effective layout.

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  • Designing a Warm Outdoor Heating Area

    You've got almost endless options here. Depending on your patio furniture, space, and style, you can decide between a fire table or pit or a standing patio heater for even tighter areas. The nice thing about patio heaters is that you can have multiple. Whether that's one on each corner or one beside each lounge chair, just don't overdo it -or you'll be very, very hot!

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