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Brander Black Fontana Patio Torch

Brander Black Fontana Patio Torch


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It's stylish, tough, tall, and you definitely want it at your next barbecue. No, we aren't talking about Steve Austin, but you can definitely crack a "stone cold" one. The black Fontana Patio Torch will be the centre of attention at your cook out because it emits heat 360° for 365 days of the year (yes, it even works in Canada's cold winters). 


  • Black powder-coated finish
  • Glass tubing that offers a 360° view of the flame - the perfect combo of heat and ambiance
  • 7 feet tall
  • Output of 40,000 BTUs to keep you toasty warm year-round
  • Efficiency at it's finest - heat deflector moves heat down and keeps it from escaping from the top of the heater
  • Safety screen keeps fingers from touching the hot glass (and looks sharp)
  • Only available in propane 



One-year warranty is available. Please see your owners manual for further information.