Electric Fireplace Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric fireplaces safe?

Yes, they are - provided you adhere to some basic safety guidelines, such as turning it off if it’s going to be unattended for a long period of time. Basically, treat the thing like you would any other electronic.

Electric fireplaces also have the advantage of not leaking and emitting carbon monoxide, making them perfectly safe and healthy to be around and enjoy.

Do electric fireplaces actually provide heat?

Most do and they most do so more efficiently!

Not only will an electric fireplace keep you snug, cozy and warm in those harsh winter months, it’ll do it in a cost-effective manner that will keep your good spirits up and your energy costs down.

Talk about a warm win-win!

Does an electric fireplace use real flames? Can it start a fire?

Electric fireplaces don’t use actual flames, which makes them much less likely to start a fire than a fireplace that uses, well, fire.

However, that being said, they are still an electric appliance, which means they still come with a risk of starting a fire if you don’t take basic safety precautions. Remember to treat your electric fireplace like you would any other electronic, please and thank you.

Why won’t my electric fireplace turn on, light or stay lit?

The main potential cause for why your electric fireplace won’t light or stay lit is loose/faulty wiring. This is an electric product, after all, and wires make it work. If any of them are loose or disconnected, then it probably won’t! FYI: the motor will not effect if it turns on or not.

Still having troubles? Give us a shout and we’ll send help!

Why won’t my electric fireplace heat up?

As with the issue of an electric fireplace not turning on, there are a few potential causes for a lack of heat.

  • If the heater is on but not emitting heat, then firmly tell it that it has one job and try a reset - turn off all the switches, unplug the unit, wait about five minutes, and try again.
  • If the flames are a-flickerin’ but no heat is coming out then it is most likely the heat wiring that needs to be checked out.

Still having problems? Contact us.

Why is my electric fireplace beeping?

If your electric fireplace came with a remote, it may have a low battery - try replacing the batteries in both the remote and the remote control sensor box and see if that returns the sweet sounds of silence. Otherwise, refer to your manual.

Once again, if you’re still running into trouble, contact us.

How can I safely clean my electric fireplace?

  • First, for the love of all things safety, make sure you disconnect the power supply.
    • Please, do this first. We’ll wait.
  • Done? Good. Next, while you’re in there, you might as well take a peek for any frayed or worn wires. If you find any, please call a professional to take care of them - do not attempt to do this yourself.
  • Take a clean, dry cloth and wipe the heater’s surface.
  • Then, bust out the vacuum cleaner and use the hose attachment to tackle the outlets of the heater to get rid of dust and debris.
  • Speaking of dust, there’s probably a whole lot of it inside your electric fireplace, too. Remove the front glass panel (refer to the owner’s manual for instructions on how to do this safely!)
  • Panel off safely? Avoid abrasive cleaners if you want your glass to stay scratch-free. Use a clean, dry cloth - lint-free - to prevent water spots when you dry it up.

Et voila!

My electric fireplace won’t produce a flame. What’s going on?

Electric fireplaces run on a motor connected by a spinner spindle (isn’t that fun to say?).

If you see an ember, but no flame, it could be that the motor isn’t running properly. In industry circles, we call this the ‘frozen flame’.

In either case, call a pro to take care of it - do not try this at home.

My electric fireplace smells funny. Why? What can I do to fix it?

There are two main potential causes of a funny or weird smell in an electric fireplace:

  • An electrical overload can cause a burning smell. If your fireplace falls victim to an electrical overload, it could melt the insulation, leading to a burning smell. Check your wiring (with the fireplace off, please!) to see if this is the problem.
    • An electrical overload can also be caused by having too many wires plugged into one outlet, but please do not take this as a recommendation to use an extension cord to plug in your electric fireplace. This is a serious fire hazard, which is not good.
  • Dust. This is less serious than an electrical overload, but can still be an issue that causes a funny smell. Give your electric fireplace a good clean and make sure you remove all dust and debris from it.

Can I install an electric fireplace outdoors?

Yes! So long as the electric fireplace is outdoor rated, you can install one outdoors. First refer to your owner’s manual then get to work.

How much does it cost to install an electric fireplace?

Good news for fans of frugality: electric fireplaces are a good deal cheaper than gas! All in all, it depends on the model and installation. Please contact us to discuss an estimate.

Are electric fireplaces energy efficient? How will they impact my monthly bills?

Oh, goodness, yes!

Electric fireplaces are a very energy efficient method of heating a room, and will help keep your monthly energy costs low while ensuring you’re snug as a bug in a rug throughout the painful, semi-apocalypse we call the Canadian Winter.

Really, it’s the way to go if you’re worried about how much you’ll need to pay for the level of comfort that only a fireplace can bring.

Will an electric fireplace heat an entire room?

Most likely! Of course, it is dependent on the size of the room and the size of your fireplace, but it should do so quietly and quite quickly - electric fireplaces are one of the faster methods of heating a room. All you need to do is turn it on.

How long is it safe to leave an electric fireplace on?

Just follow the rule of thumb with regular fireplaces: don’t leave it unattended for a long time, and definitely don’t leave it on overnight.

How realistic do electric fireplaces look and sound?

Pretty realistic, if we say so ourselves (and we just did, so). This is, however, dependent on the make and model.

They’re designed to give you the feeling of a real fireplace in a more energy-efficient, carbon monoxide-less manner.

The look and feel is obviously different from a wood-burning or gas fireplace, but overall they provide a similar sense of calm, comfort and warmth - all at a cheaper upfront and monthly cost.

I’m really sick of my ugly brass fireplace trim

Ahhhh brass – such a statement in the 90s, now the bane of everyone’s existence.

First, let us know what brand your fireplace is, and we can check for any other trim options available.

Other options are:

  • Replace with a completely brand new, modern, sleek or statement fireplace, or paint the brass pieces using high temperature paint that we have here in store.