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Slic-Tite Pipe Sealant

Slic-Tite Pipe Sealant


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Barbecue Butler
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Save your time and your back – experience Barbecue Butler team can assemble, leak test, hand deliver, and hook up your new grill. We’ll also safely recycle your old grill too.

Add superior assembly, test-fire and leak test for $40.00


Item will be shipped or picked up at store in box.


Add white-glove delivery in town 20km from store for $90.00


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Add home gas connection and safety check to an existing gas line that meets current code for $80.00


I don’t want my gas line hooked up and leak tested by professional gas technicians to ensure safety requirements.


Remove old barbecue for recycling for $30.00


I will bring my barbecue to a metal recycling facility myself.

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"If you're looking to connect a few fittings or hoses together for a natural gas or propane application, then you'll need a little Slic-Tite. It's inexpensive and will save you a huge headache down the road. Many professionals, and myself, prefer it over gas fitters tape, but both are safe to use."

Trust us, the last thing you want after new barbecue or fire table purchase, or a new natural gas line installation, is to risk a gas leakage. Whether you're putting fittings together yourself or hiring a professional, be sure to use Slic-Tite Pipe Sealant.

Want to avoid the mess of liquid pipe sealant? Use gas fitters' tape instead. Only tape that can seal gas fittings is a special gas-rated tape (NOT to be confused with plumbers tape). 

We pride ourselves on having everything you need to get your gas appliances up and running. From the natural gas line installation to the first burn of your new gas appliance, and from the right parts to the right people, we've got what you need. We have excellent certified gas service teams in both Calgary, Alberta and the GTA in Ontario who are ready to help. Start contacting your nearest store by clicking here.

Click here to see our selection of the most commonly used propane and natural gas equipment.


  • 0.25 fluid oz. per package
  • Use liberally on threads
  • Do not use on female end of hoses or fittings. Always apply to male fitting.
  • Paste with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene - say that 10 times fast)


  • Single hose with attached Male Pipe and Female Flare Threads
  • We also offer Complete Kits with hoses and their required quick disconnect fittings
  • Female flared threaded on one end and male pipe threaded on the other
  • Approved for natural gas and propane appliances such as barbecues, fire tables patio heaters, and more
  • Can be used with quick connect nipples and quick connect couplers
  • Brass Fitting TMFTP is required if you are looking to extend your current natural gas / propane hose
  • Available in 5', 10' 15' and 20' lengths

Different Lengths of 3/8" Propane and Natural Gas Hoses at Barbecues Galore



Not Applicable.