Slic-Tite Pipe Sealant

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If you're looking to connect a few fittings or hoses together for a natural gas or propane application, then you'll need a little Slic-Tite.

Oh, and don't you dare try and say, "I've got some tape that can do that" - That's a negatory on that one, sergeant. The only tape that can seal gas fittings is a special gas-rated tape (which most folks don't have in their back pocket). 

Trust us, the last thing you want your gas appliance to do is to catch fire. Thus, a little pipe sealant can go a long way. Just snag a few packages of Slic-Tite and you'll be good to go for your natural gas installations. 


  • 0.25 fluid oz package
  • Use liberally on threads
  • Do not use in female end of hoses or fittings
  • Paste with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene - say that 10 times fast)

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