Master Your Grill

Salt Your Steaks Before Grilling Them

Ok, here's the tip: let your steaks sit in loads of salt prior to grilling, rinse them off and then grill them. I know, this sounds like It's right out of the Hunter S. Thompson recipe book but trust me on this.Barbecue Tipster| salt your steaks before grilling them Read more

How To Measure Your Barbecue For A Cover That Fits

In an effort to save you some time and gas, we put together this quick How To post about how to measure your barbecue for a cover. While most manufacturers make tailor-made covers for their barbecue models, sometimes they aren't available for older grills or they're more expensive than one wishes to pay. Measuring Your Barbecue For A Cover Read more

Barbecue Brush Bristles: Prevention & Alternatives

Bristle-less barbecue cleaning tools By now you've probably read articles in the news or watched exposes on TV about the big bad super scary grill brush bristles. While this is a legitimate concern, a few 'bad apples' are giving the whole orchard a bum rap. Read more

What Kind of Charcoal To Use

Our customers seem to be split on whether they prefer lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes.  While hardwood is considered more ‘pure’, the briquettes offer a more  predictable, consistent heat output. 

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Tipster | Get Handsy With Your Meat

Although grilling accessories can be amazing tools for barbecuing, don't be afraid to use your own two hands! Sometimes they are the best option for applying rubs, checking for fish bones or even testing the doneness of a steak.

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7 Tips For Grilling Fish

Salmon on a cedar plankGrilling fish doesn't need to be intimidating, and can actually be quite simple! With so many fish options out there, it's worth the time to get familiar with cooking it and maybe adding it to your weekly meal rotation. We've provided a few tips on how to master grilling fish. Read more