Father's Day Gift Guide: 2021 Edition

There's less than a week until Father's Day - let's show the dads out there some real love this year. They may keep a rough and tough composure, but under that beautiful dad bod of theirs, they want to feel appreciated too. Also, it's 2021 - there's nothing wrong with dads getting pampered on their special day. With all of that being said, we know that buying gifts for "hard to please" dads can be tough, that's why we made this gift guide full of great suggestions for you:

fathers day gift ideas from barbecues galore 


Big Boy Hardwood Charcoal

There's no better gift for a smoking dad than getting the dad to smoke. Charcoal grilling is the way to go for a lot of more experienced barbecuers. It provides a new challenge and brings the human race back to its rugged and rough days of cooking over flames. The Big Boy 100% Natural Hardwood Charcoal uses hand-selected wood from Argentina to ensure you get the biggest and best lumps possible. Trust us, anyone who charcoal barbecues will appreciate a big bag of Big Boy Hardwood Charcoal - we know this because we've got tons of charcoal grillers in our Barbecues Galore team. 

big boy hardwood charcoal, from barbecues galorebig boy hardwood charcoal, lifestyle photo, from barbecues galore

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Sauces, Seasonings, and Spices

Bottles of deliciousness also make great gifts. With our large selection of spices, sauces, and spices, your dad will be thanking you for years to come. He'll enjoy all the delicious combinations of flavours he can experiment with. From our all new Cattleman's Grill, Firebug, Big Rick's, and Lillie's Q brands to our classic Back Eddy's, David's, and, Blues Hog - we have all the flavours you could ever want right here in our stores. 

We know that it's tough to try something new without knowing what you're getting yourself into, so here are some recommendations from our trusting staff members:

bbq sauce, spices, seasoning, marinades, from barbecues galore barbecue sauces, spices, marinades, and seasoning, from barbecues galore


If you're still wondering what the best barbecue sauces and seasonings are, or if you think cooking for your pops would make him happy, here are some of our most recent recipes made with ingredients that can be found in our stores: 

 fathers day barbecue gift from barbecues galore


Custom Branding Iron

What better gift is there to give to your grilling dad than something customized just for him? Here at Barbecues Galore, you can get your dads name, initials, a flame, or simply just "DAD"... don't worry, he'll know what it means. 

custom branding iron from barbecues galorecustom branding iron barbecues galorecustom branding iron from barbecues galorecustom branding iron from barbecues galore

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 *Disclaimer*: unless you ordered before June 6th, 2021, you may not receive your custom branding iron in time for Father's Day. But who says it has to be Father's Day for you to get an awesome branding iron for your old man?

Napoleon Rogue XT425

What was that saying our dads used to always say? Oh that's right, "Go BIG or go home". These are words to live by, especially on a special day that celebrates the man that taught you those words. 

Go BIG on Father's Day by surprising your old man with this beautiful stainless steel Napoleon Rogue XT425. With all the excellent features you can find from top to bottom, this grill provides a performance that'll get your dad cheering for you. Not only that, all these components are backed by a 15 year warranty by Napoleon. 

napoleon rogue stainless steel grill, from barbecues galorenapoleon rogue stainless steel grill, from barbecues galore

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fathers day gift ideas, from barbecues galore


Hopefully this gift guide helped you decide what you're going to get for Father's Day. If you still don't quite know what to get, come visit any of our 5 locations across Canada. We've got two in Calgary, Alberta (North Location & South Location), as well as three across the Greater Toronto Area: Burlington, Oakville & Etobicoke, Ontario.

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