Korean Barbecue

Today we're talking about Korean barbecue. This despite the fact that, until now, everything I knew about Korea, I learned from M*A*S*H and movies with marionettes. After some research I have learned the following about Korean bbq: 

Korean Barbecue on Grill 

#1 In North America, most people associate Korean barbecue with restaurants where you go and cook, as a group, on a barbecue placed in the table in front of you. Why you'd want to do this instead of cook on your own barbecue is beyond me. 

Korean Barbecue

#2 The two most famous types of Korean barbecue are Galbi and Bulgogi. Galbi is a marinated rib. Bulgogi is marinated, thinly sliced beef. (Check back in a couple days once we have posted our Bulgogi recipe. 

Meat on Plate with Chopsticks
#3 When eating barbecued food (ok, when eating any food), Koreans eat kimchi. Pickled cabbage (and sometimes, if you're really lucky, pickled turnips!). They eat LOADS of the stuff. A guy I know has a kimchi fridge in his basement. I mean sure, a beer fridge; ok, fine. But a pickled cabbage fridge?  

Traditional Liquor and Wines

#4 Koreans drink a ton of booze that I've never heard of. See their official goverment synopsis here.

Kids Trying Korean Food
#5 Korean barbecue is traditionally served in frying pans by people dressed as cows.

Check out this Korean Barbecue recipe!

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