Tipster: Turn it down

Steaks on the Barbecue
You’d be stunned (well, maybe you wouldn’t be but we are) by how many people comment that their barbecues are too hot.  It happens often. Of course, being customer-focused, iron skinned, uber-polite retailers, we nod our heads, mutter words of consolation and then politely recommend that the customer use the knobs on the barbecue for what they were intended: to vary the heat output! We think it’s because a lot of you grew up with a dinosaur barbecue that only had one heat setting and required a weekend with the lid down to heat up. Well, those days are gone. A good quality barbecue takes less than ten minutes to heat up and has a wider range of heat output than most people’s ovens. Once the barbecue has warmed up feel free to adjust the temperature to the appropriate level to what you’re cooking. If you’re finding that your dinner is being scorched: turn it down!

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