Creating Your Outdoor Room

Your patio, deck or backyard is an ex­tension of your home or cottage. Like the rest of your home, this should be a warm, inviting and comfortable space.

An ‘outdoor room’ is your place to unwind and relax or gather with friends and family. That said, there are a few things to consider before you dive right in.

The first decision you need to make is how much space you will need for your outdoor cooking area. Consider whether you want a freestanding gas or charcoal barbecue or whether you plan on building an outdoor kitchen island.

This can take up a good portion of your space depending on the appli­ances you add, such as refrigerators, sinks, or beverage prep centres.

Next, you’ll want to determine what type of seating suits your needs and space. Is it a dining set, a seating area, or both?

At Barbecues Galore, we are finding that many of our customers are choos­ing to have a seating area combined with a firepit table for eating at. Most gas firepits have a burner cover that turns it into a functional dining or cof­fee table when not in use.

This brings us to step three of four – heat! With our fickle Canadian weather, deciding how you want to keep you and your guests warm is important. It lets you make the most of your summer and the outdoor space you’ve just worked so hard to perfect.

Do you want a wood or gas firepit, or will a patio heater do the trick?

Lastly, we have everything you need to add the finishing touches for oomph and character. Choose from our selec­tion of toss pillows, rugs, umbrellas and colourful coolers. You can even add lights or speakers mounted to your umbrellas.


As they say, “the backyard is your oyster”. Or something like that.

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