Tipster: Clean your fireplace

TIP # 1

If you have a wood burning fireplace – have your chimney cleaned.  As wood burns in your fireplace, a layer of black, shiny creosote builds up on the chimney walls.  Risk of a chimney fire is much higher in a chimney that has a layer of creosote in it.  A professional chimney sweep will quickly and safely remove this creosote.  Remember:  A clean chimney doesn’t catch fire.

TIP # 2

If you have a gas burning fireplace – clean the glass.  As gas burns, water and by-products leave a hazy white film on the fireplace window.  This film is easily removed.  However, you need to use special fireplace glass cleaner that is designed for the purpose.  Typical glass cleaner such as Windex will only smear the film across the glass.  The glass on your gas fireplace needs to be removed before you clean it.  Consult your owner’s manual to see how to safely remove the glass.

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