Zone Heating - Heat The Space You Use, Not The Space You Don't

It's cold out. You need to heat your home.

Maybe you've got a bunch of extra cash floating around (adopt me!) and you don't care about your heating bill. Probably though, you DO care about your heating bill. If that's the case ask yourself: why are you heating your entire house when you spend the majority of your time in just a small part of it?

Central heating is a great concept but, for most of us, using zone heating to heat smaller areas we use more often is much more cost efficient. With central heating the furnace is constantly cycling on and off depending on your setting and the thermostat's sensitivity. It also brings the whole house to temperature - including the areas of your home you aren't using. 

You probably spend 80% of your time in your house in one or two rooms, right?  Well, then why are you heating the whole house?  Turn down the central heat and use a modern, highly-efficient fireplace to heat the spaces that you’re actually spending time in. 

Studies have shown that efficient zone heating can reduce your fuel bill by 20-40%.  Save energy, save money. Enter the gas fireplace.

Zone Heating - heat he space you use, not the space you don't Valor Horizon Gas Fireplace

Today's fireplaces are a far cry from the cheap, inefficient, feature-free metal boxes that many builders put into new homes over the last twenty years. Today's fireplaces are more efficient, more attractive, more versatile, and in the long run, can save you a pile of money on your heating bill. This warms the space you need heat and comfort in quickly and efficiently. 

 Learn more by watching this quick video:

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