Fireplace Isn't Providing Heat


Dear Dr. M,

I have a gas fireplace that came with our new house but it doesn't seem to throw any heat - what's wrong?


Mr. S. Hivering


Mr. Hivering,

You, unfortunately, have been saddled with a case of "builder-itis". That's when a home builder opts for a cheaper, less efficient product and hopes that the home buyer won't notice until it's too late. In many cases, home builders install non-efficient, decorative gas fireplaces that throw little, if any, heat.

Most of these cheaper units come with tempered glass which doesn't retain and disperse heat like a unit with ‘ceramic' glass will. With some of these cheaper units a fireplace fan will help disperse heat more efficiently but, without ceramic glass and a proper heat exchanger, there's not a lot you can do to ‘fix' your existing unit.

My suggestion: buy a Snuggie.


Dr. McGrillemup


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